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The Ultrascope is a unique, single sided pressure sensitive acoustic stethoscope for complete and accurate assessment and diagnosis of heart and/or lung sounds in human and animal patients. Obtain superior sound quality in any situation, even noisy environments.

Usage Instructions

A Few, Quick Notes

Step 1:

The binaurals are rotated slightly forwards. Hold the Ultrascope so that the binaurals are pointing towards your face and place the tips in each ear.

Step 2:

Holding the Ultrascope head between thumb and middle finger, apply (or release) pressure using the index finger of the same hand.

Start with light pressure to hear low frequencies (heart sounds) and increase pressure for high frequencies (lung sounds). A medium amount of force is good for blood pressure and bowel listening.

Step 3:

For the loudest environments, cover the head with your hand and apply pressure with your palm.

Use an alcohol wipe to clean the head, diaphragm, and retaining ring.  Do not soak any part of your stethoscope in liquid. A cloth dampened with water and antibacterial soap can be used to clean any part of your Ultrascope.  Wipe well with a damp cloth until all soap is removed, then dry completely. 

Normal usage may loosen the diaphragm, retaining ring and eartips. 

Check your scope occasionally and tighten these parts as necessary.

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